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Web Design Trends in 2023

Well, we are very much into 2023, and it’s time we approach the web in a more accessible and inclusive way. There’s a lot to look forward to in 2023. From the no-code movement to retro typography, the latest trends are quite inspiring.

Web designing has a great impact on how the clients perceive your brand. It would help if you incorporated these designing trends in your website so that your target audience spends more time on your site and is more likely to complete what they came there to do (ex: buy something, sign up for your email list, read your blog post, etc.)

Have a look at 4 most popular web design trends in 2023

  1. Retro fonts or vintage typography will witness a complete resurgence in 2023 with a little bit of stylization.
  2. Designers are weaving 3D designs seamlessly into the website. These are making the websites more user-friendly / intuitive, visually pleasing, and interactive.
  3. Users love multimedia web experiences. A combination of visuals, texts, video, and audio helps to engage more prospective clients.
  4. No-code is the method that democratizes (👈  whoa, good word choice, right? 😬 ) advanced web development for business and allows designers, developers, and writers to collaborate in a more streamlined fashion. A small business owner can suddenly jump into the world of e-commerce by being a part of the no-code movement. (Think Shopify or Webflow).

Why is it important to incorporate those trends?

The facts and figures vouch for the importance of web designing for a business’ success. Do you know that around 65 percent of users prefer beautiful designs to a plain layout? Let’s explore the benefits of having a well-designed website.

  1. Your first impression is likely your last impression:

Do you want your business to STAND OUT? If yes, it’s important to incorporate the latest trends in your website’s designs. Professional web designers always keep the bigger picture in mind while putting the elements together. They know that through the design, they are creating a visual language for your brand. Some important elements of a high-quality web design are:

  • Proper navigation for quick access to information
  • Responsive design for visiting the site on any device. OVER HALF of all internet traffic comes from a mobile device (source: Statista)
  • Brand consistency is HUGE. Make sure you have a style guide that matches your brand’s theme represented by the logo, colors, branding elements and patterns, typography, business cards, and social media profiles. 
  • Integration of visuals for keeping the visitors engaged easily
  • Informative content
  • Smooth functioning Call to Action (CTA) buttons – Remember, always start with “Why?” – Why is someone visiting your site in the first place? Make sure you can answer that question by ensuring that their goal for visiting your site is easily accomplished within the first few seconds (yes… seconds) of them visiting your site.
  • Fast load times because people are impatient. Users don’t like waiting more than 3-4 seconds for a website to load.

OVER HALF of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices (source: Statista)

First impressions are often the last impression. Now, read that again. – When a prospective customer visits your website, they’ll judge your business within seconds. If the design is not appealing, the user will likely leave your page and turn to one of your competitors. On the other hand, a fluent and functional design will keep them intrigued and increase sales conversions. A stand-out design also helps maintain a strong business identity in the long run. Your existing customers will keep coming back to you if your website is smart in design.

  1. Powerful Design Aids SEO Strategy:

Web design elements and practices have a great impact on what Google’s ranking algorithms rate your website. So, the design indirectly affects how search engine spiders crawl and index your website. Now, you can’t afford to neglect this. If the on-page SEO fundamentals are not up to the mark, your business will struggle for visibility from the very beginning.

These advanced methods will surely help your website build a loyal customer base and enjoy a boost in sales. And 2023 is going to be a transformative year in web design and you’ll want to make sure your site is keeping up with the times and not left in the past. Because it will directly impact your business’ bottom line. Think of it this way. When you need to get your car’s transmission replaced, you take your car to a mechanic. You don’t try to replace your own transmission. Why? Because it’s dangerous and VERY likely won’t get you from A to B. – Or if you’re in Chicago during the winter, you’ll know that it can easily get -10° (yea, 10 degrees below zero is common in Chicago during the winter). When it’s that cold, the pipes in your home can get frozen and burst. So now you need new pipes. Unless you happen to be a plumber, you’re likely going to call a plumber to make the repairs and to give you advice on how to keep your pipes from freezing again, right?

Your website is no different. Make sure to get advice from one of the pros to make sure that your website is actually working FOR you and making your life easier instead of just creating more headaches.

You have a ton of options when it comes to working with web and app designers and developers. Make sure you choose one who you feel is the right fit for you and your business and one who understands your needs or challenges. Physio Links is one of our recent client projects related to "Web Design Trends in 2023." We were able to help their business and we're able to help you too!

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