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Who we are

Who we are

BUILTbyBackspace is a digital consultancy made up of designers, developers, and branding wizards located in Chicago, Austin, and St. Louis.
Who we work with

Who we work with

We work with small & large businesses, startups, mom & pops, and entrepreneurs.
What we do

What we do

We'll help take your idea and turn it into a scaleable market-ready product. We specialize in visual design, user experience strategy, mobile app & web design/development, digital product launch strategy, and branding.
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We're like design and tech alchemists.
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App DeveloperApp DevelopmentApp design
what we do

Mobile Apps

Mobile App Design
iOS / iPhone Apps
Android Apps
Cross-Platform Apps (iOS & Android)
Mobile App Development
Custom Animations
Custom Servers
Fractional CTO
In-App Analytics & Attribution
Pre-Built Servers
Tech Consulting
User Interface & User Experience Design (UIUX)



Custom Animations

Tech Consulting

Custom & Pre-built Backend (server) solutions

in-App Analytics & Attribution
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what we do

Web & Desktop

User Interface & User Experience Design (UIUX)

custom webapps, portals & dashboards

landing page & lead generation site

Custom Animations



e-commerce & shopify sites

web hosting & monthly site maintenance

Custom & Pre-built Backend (server) solutions

Web Analytics & Attribution
Client-Facing Admin Portal
Client-Facing Blog Admin Portal
Client-Facing E-Commerce Portal
Custom Landing Pages
Website Development
Marketing Websites
Wordpress Sites
Wordpress Blogs / CMS
Webflow Sites
Webflow Blogs / CMS
Webflow E-Commerce Website
Shopify Sites
E-Commerce Sites
Lead Generation Sites
Mobile App Prototype
Web App Design
Web App Development
Web App Prototype
Website Design
Custom Admin Portals
Custom Dashboards
Event Ticketing System
Fractional CTO
Support Packages
Tech Consulting
Web Analytics & Attribution
Web Hosting
Website Prototype
fitness design firm
book cover design services
design services
logo design studio
pitch deck design
logo maker
logo design
business card design
business card
what we do

Branding &
Graphic Design

Book Cover Design
Brand Identity
Brochure Design
Business Card Design
Custom Apparel Design
Custom Avatar Design
Graphic Design
Investor Pitch Deck Design
Marketing Materials
Logo Design
Custom Animations
Product Demo Videos
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Brochure Design
Digital Marketing
Marketing Materials
Photo Editing
Social Media Management
Social Media Marketing
Video Editing
Custom Animations
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
logo design

product demo videos

marketing materials
facebook ads
flyers, book & e-book covers

avatar creation/design

Pitch deck creation & redesign

we can also help with...

social media management


photo/video editing, production, & retouching

custom apparel design

Check out what our clients have to say

Justin and his team truly care about their customers. I engaged them on building a mobile app and a desktop web app for my company. They were very communicative and acted like an in-house development team from start to finish. They do everything they can to deliver, and often over-deliver.

Shirley Yang

CEO @ Muses

Justin and the team over at Built By Backspace have been phenomenal to work with. They went above and beyond our expectations. We were looking for a website that could host our podcast and youtube content as well as function as a store. We also wanted to put up the occasional blog article as our subject matter is about tabletop gaming. We were blown away by the sleekness of the design and the animations. Justin and his team were super quick to make changes and updates when we gave feedback, and everything is very easy to use for us when it is time to upload more content. Our store is very streamlined and it is easy to manage, track and ship our orders. We couldn't be happier, and we would highly recommend them to anybody!

Joe DePinto

Owner & Podcast Host @ The Legion Academy

BUILTbyBackspace has been a pleasure to work with for the creation of my website and other special projects. The team is super responsive, reliable, and resourceful. They do excellent work at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend them to anyone. All around good people and very professional.

Jason Jacobsohn

Managing Partner @ Propellant Ventures

I cannot say enough amazing things about these guys!!!! Justin and his team built my website and it looks and functions better than I could have ever imagined. The end product is incredible, but the service and dedication to getting it right is what really make my experience with Justin & his team priceless. Justin did a great job of really understanding what I needed on my site while also understanding my budget as a solopreneur. 10/10 would recommend!

Victoria Dorsano

Owner and Wellness Coach @ Be Victorious Coaching

His team made a killer website for me. Check it out; link in the comments. Seriously, I am extremely PROUD of it I receive positive comments all the time about the design, copy, and call to actions from my clients, referral partners, and service providers - what better validation is there!? As a business owner, one of the MOST IMPORTANT things you can do is thank people and companies who set you up for success So here's to you, Justin and the BUILTbyBackspace team. You are legends and rockstars. Thanks for crushing it for me!!!

Jeff Paykin

CEO @ Outcome Partners

The first time I saw a website by BUILTbyBackspace, I was stunned. It was gorgeous and elegant in its simplicity. Within days after the founder of that site introduced me to Justin, we connected. His on boarding process is deftly Socratic regarding what I wanted to do with the site and what kind of experience I wanted users to have. Less than a month later, after rapid responses to my requests and changes, my site was up and better than I had hoped for...the site and the experience. Can’t wait until I need another site or know someone to whom I can refer this team.

Tony Wilkins

Partner @ Standing Oaks Venture Partners

BuiltbyBackspace was instrumental in the creation of my website and business! I initially met with Justin who gave me incredible feedback and considerations that were crucial to me outlining clearly the foundation of my business which became the building blocks of my site. He assisted me on a journey that felt overwhelming and intimidating and helped break down the steps so I could approach it with excitement and empowerment. I continue to get great feedback on my website's information and presentation. I truly have nothing but great things to say about BuiltbyBackspace and will continue to recommend to anyone!

Julia Maholwald

Founder @ JAM Teaching and Consulting

This was easily the best investment I could have made into growing my business. I used to be somewhat reluctant to share my company website because it was very rudimentary - just something to get me started. Now, after this complete overhaul by Justin and his team, I am proud to send people to my URL and doubly proud of the way I can showcase my work there.

Joy Stephens

Director of Business Development @ New Heights Await

High quality work at a very reasonable price! Justin and his team consistently respond quickly and professionally with effective answers and solutions to all our questions. They handled the transition from our former website skillfully and quickly, helping us reach a wider audience and do basic upkeep in-house. Highly recommend.

Lori Boyer

Assistant Music Director of Anima – Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus @ Anima

Justin and his team are a pleasure to work with and did an incredible job building our website from start to finish. They are prompt and responsive and were patient with our endless modifications. Justin is a great collaborative partner, making suggestions for improvements during the creative process that ultimately made our website perfect. Look forward to continue working with him as our company and website grow!

James E. McGill

Managing Partner @ Stotan Industrial

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