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Top 5 Trends to Follow in Mobile App Design

Does your mobile app design look attractive to modern users? Is it functional enough to retain traffic? Does your business have a mobile app in the first place? Whether you plan to get a new app for your business or try to give the existing one an overhaul, it’s important to be familiar with the trends. Talking of trends, we have passed the bleak year of 2020 and now it’s time to check out what 2021 has in its store for us. 

Comfortable Visuals for a Fatigue-Free Experience: 

Mobile app UX design or User Experience Design is a common term in mobile app design terminology. This design’s primary objective is to make any app easy to use. And, as we are spending more time using mobile devices  today, a comfortable viewing experience has become an important aspect of UX Design. 

Designers  today are using soothing hues and simple layouts which are not heavy on the eyes. Besides, they are trying to be minimalistic to avoid users’ distractions. They now want us to focus on one thing at a time so that our mind and eyes don’t get fatigued while using the app. Ultimately, a simple and neat look still does not have any alternative. 

Swipe for All the Fun: 

The experts in mobile app design development know how we love to swipe (or use other gestures) to  go from one page to another. They are leaving no stone unturned to make our swiping experience engaging and delightful. For example, the developers and designers in a mobile app design company may suggest adding an animation to the swipe. You may even opt for a “turning the next page” kind of feel for exuding an old-world charm. Aren’t the ideas pretty cool? As we interact with our app, an animation is a way for the app to interact back with us. It’s visual two-way communication between us and our devices. 

However, it’s important that swiping and other gestures actually  contribute to your app’s functionality. Above all, it should make the user experience “easy.”


 The best mobile app design today should be interesting without compromising on the simplistic charm of past years. How to achieve that? Designers today have found the answer in Neumorphism, the abbreviation of new skeuomorphism. The concept goes back to the 2010s. But, the designers are giving it a completely new dimension with some realistic touches. For example, a flat button or icon is being transformed into something eye-popping. With this trend, your app will offer the users a more tactile and life-like experience. It’s all in the dimension! You got it right. 

source: Why CRED has an In-cred-ible design

How About Some Analog Inspiration? 

Many designers are taking inspiration from the analog era while creating mobile app design templates. Have you noticed that nostalgic touch in some of the coolest apps already? Even the high-tech apps resembling an old school calculator or a childhood board game can be more accessible to the users. The unique point about this trend is the sense of familiarity it creates. The newspaper-like or cardboard textures, the retro fonts and the college-inspired layout, all these elements offer the users a comfort zone. It’s like getting that warm vibe right and  recreating the days which were so special in every users’ life. It’s a way of baking nostalgia right into the design of your app or website. After all, our nostalgia is nothing more than our romanticizing “familiarity”. -- It’s why the Disney live-action remakes are popular. Disney is selling us nostalgia

Nostalgia is nothing more than our romanticizing “familiarity”.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: 

An advanced mobile app design software will allow the designers to offer the users an interactive experience with VR and AR. What’s so special about this trend? Virtual Reality transports the users from reality to the world of the app. Augmented Reality enhances our real-world environment.  For example, many fashion apps offer users the option called “try your looks.” The Warby Parker iPhone app allows you to “try on” glasses frames right from your iPhone to see how they look on you without having to leave your home. You can even send those images of the glasses frames on your face to your friends and family for their opinion on which glasses frames are their favorite look on you.

Source: Warby Parker iPhone App


What, according to you, are the most important trends to you and your business? Mobile apps are not simply tools for conducting online business anymore. Mobile devices (and mobile apps) are an extension and augmentation of our every-day life. The best mobile app design and functionality is as seamless and intuitive as possible.

You have a ton of options when it comes to working with web and app designers and developers. Make sure you choose one who you feel is the right fit for you and your business and one who understands your needs or challenges. Muses is one of our recent client projects related to "Top 5 Trends to Follow in Mobile App Design." We were able to help their business and we're able to help you too!

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