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Top Graphic Design Trends in 2023 Reflect a Colorful Palette

The last year has been bleak and colorless. From COVID to climate change, the world has been through a lot. With a resurrection of sorts, the graphic design space is gearing up to shift the overall mood of what we design to showcase new hope. Not to mention the fact that there has been a visible impetus on psychedelic prints and surrealism.

Without further ado, here is a roundup of top trends in 2023 

Returning to Nature

The health crisis has shown that nature rules. The constant threat of climate change has also had a prominent place in the design psychology of 2022. The same trend is going to continue in 2023 as well. 

  • Graphic design companies are keener to apply floral and foliage motifs to their work. 
  • Serenity of nature expressed in the Sunshine and butterflies is also something to take note of. 
  • Understanding urban life from a natural viewpoint is going to be a challenging perspective for designers but there could be a lot of opportunity here if well-executed.
  • This will be evident in product packaging that includes a lot of natural elements such as the Sun and stars. The use of these motifs actually represents another prominent trend of 2023.

Use of Signs:

The prevalence of imagery is another major trend of 2023. The world needs a new story of recovery. What is graphic design but a way to tell a new story using imagery, signs, and motifs? Let there be new anecdotes of human survival through the toughest of times. It is no denying that COVID has been a world-wide destructive  event with millions losing their lives. In such an apocalyptic scenario, the use of natural motifs has become even more of a  prevalent trend in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence: 

AI has been one of the most audible buzzwords of 2022. With so much happening on this front, it is evident that 2023 design trends are going to include it wherever applicable. The enhanced ability of computers to mimic human intelligence surely provides an exciting challenge for a graphic designer

Veering into Space: 

With the Mars rover already hovering on Mars, space-themed artwork may gain prominence in 2023. It is no wonder that humankind seeks collective relief from the problems of this world. Can there be a better option for a graphic design logo than to veer into space? Astronauts, planets, and alien figures might find a key position in 2023 design space. 

Psychedelic and Surrealism: 

Consistent with the escape route sought by the world, psychedelia and surrealism will be huge in 2023. The use of bright color palettes and complex designs are key themes from top graphic design companies. Symmetry is also going to play a major part in the design scene this year, even more in the psychedelic front. 

Adventure Rules

With 2022 taking the world on a topsy-turvy ride, themes of adventure will be key elements experimented by graphic design software. Themes of going on a vacation should also be a mainstay whether you are a freelance graphic designer or an employed professional. 

There you are with the top trends of 2023. More or less, these should be visible in some form or other on any graphic design website. With so much happening, it is going to be a colorful and exciting year. There's no doubt about that!

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